Real Estate


I am honest and straight forward and strive to make you the best educated buyer/seller in the market today, so that all your choices are made from a place of understanding without the fear of the unknown and always keeping in mind that we are not buying the home I want, but the home you want.



Selling houses in Vancouver demands a bit of coverage. Here I am in my Helly Hanson rain jacket that I got when I painted sets for Hollywood North out in Maple Ridge (it was supposed to be Arizona West!)

Whether you are truly serious about buying or selling, or you just want to research your options for the future, I am committed to ensuring that your experience is exciting, rewarding and hassle-free. I was an artist for thirty years before I became a realtor so I bring something different to any real estate transaction. I know how to listen so I understand where you want to go. I can help you dress your home to get the best price, and if you are looking for a fixer upper I can help you imagine how it will look after you have made it beautiful. I also want our entire contact to be fun.


As a Realtor I sometimes need to get above it all to get a perspective on what is happening in the Market.

This site will have extensive community information, consumer links, school information, free reports, real estate answers and numerous links to assist you with everything from financing to home repairs, from decorating to gardening, and I will give you a free estimate on the value of your home. This site offers you MLS listings throughout the lower mainland and includes days on market and address! So let’s put our heads together and get started. Give me a call at 604-760-7342 for a fast, confidential response! Jeannie