Realtors Construct Habitat Homes

In an older blog posting, I recounted events at the San Francisco National Association of Realtors Conference in 2005. Still relevant, here’s the article:

I just got back from San Francisco. I was there for a NAR Conference. (National Association of Realtors). I had lots of fun galivanting around with about 5000 other realtors from around the world. I got there early so I could see family and friends who live in the area.

turkeys and walnuts

My first stop was Lakeport where I had gone to see my daughter. I found her at the Casino. We drove over to her trailer where I finally met Billy the Felon. We left him at the trailer and chased away a gaggle of turkeys to collect a bag full of walnuts. I love fresh walnuts. Rachel smoked while I collected. We also ate out and picked wine grapes in the fields after the combines had passed through.


On the first day of the Conference I went with 75 other do good realtors to Livermore where we helped construct homes for Habitat for Humanity. Here are a few pictures.

Habitat realtors 3 Habitat realtors 1

Habitat realtors 4

Habitat realtors 2