The Olympics

I hate the Olympics… Not that it isn’t nice to watch the best athletes in the world strutting their stuff, but I hate that our city will be destitute for years to come. I hate that for lack of money schools are closing, libraries are being shut down, and community centres are closing. I hate the buzz of helicopters flying over my home. I hate that I can’t go downtown without going through security points. I hate that poor and homeless people are being mover from their shelters to the hinterlands. I hate that they lied to us about how much it would cost… not that I didn’t know they were lying. I hate that all those people who have businesses in areas where they thought they would benefit from the Olympics are being put out of business by the security people. I hate the corporate greed that defines the structures of VANOC. And, I hate the fear technique used to justify their fascistic behavior.

Here is a snap of my daughter and I modeling our new Olympic T-shirts that I made for the occasion.

1 Jeannie and Rachel fuck the olympics_2

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